Portland Coalition for Historic Resources Proposal to Portland City Council for Amendments to the Draft Portland 2035 Comprehensive Plan

At the Portland City Council hearings on January 7 and 13, 2016, representatives of the Portland Coalition for Historic Resources and other Portland residents concerned about historic preservation and historic resource conservation issues, presented a number of urgent proposals to the Council for modification of the currently proposed 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

At that time those presenters provided the required written testimony by the established deadline. This document is a follow-up to that written testimony, responding to questions raised by the Office of the Mayor and others asking for more complete rationale for the specific zoning changes requested, as well as greater explication of our concerns relating to Comp Plan Policies affecting Historic Resource protections.  It also responds to Item No. 12 in the Draft List of Mayor Hales proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan dated February 4, 2016.  Comments in the district-specific sections of this document also provide additional support for a possible Buckman Plan District as suggested in Item #67 proposed by Amanda Fritz.

Our recommendations are presented in two parts.  The first lays out specific recommendations for new Comp Plan Policy language, together for the rationale for them.  The second presents a compilation of the specific District-by-District zoning requests.  Following that section is an Appendix containing some detailed documentation of these requests.

The Portland Coalition for Historic Resources is an all-volunteer body consisting of representatives from neighborhood associations which include Historic Districts, together with participation by volunteers and staff from the two leading Historic Preservation organizations in Portland: the Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center, and Restore Oregon.  The Historic Districts and historic neighborhoods represented include Alphabet District, King’s Hill District, Ladd’s Addition District, Irvington District, and the Eastmoreland, Buckman, and Laurelhurst neighborhoods.

Questions and concerns related to this document may be directed to Holly Chamberlain, Deputy Director, Bosco-Milligan Foundation, at 503-231-7264, or to Jim Heuer, Chairman, PCHR, at 503-335-8380.

Here’s the entire 2035 Comp Plan Historic Preservation Recommendations from PCHR


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