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Upcoming Portland Plan Work Session to Include Discussion of Historic Preservation

Tomorrow night’s (3/31/10) Portland Plan work session at the Ecotrust Building (721 NW 9th) is all about “Planning, Design and Public Spaces. Included in the workshop will be an overview of the Historic Resources Background Report,  created for the Portland Plan. Cathy Galbraith, Executive Director of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center will be part of the panel discussion. The workshop begins at 6:30pm and is scheduled to run until 8:30pm with time for Q & A and public feedback. Now is the time to share your perspectives on the place of historic preservation in Portland.


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After the Fire: Update on Marysville School

It’s been a few months now since one of Portland’s most intact historic schools was badly damaged in a fire. Now comes word that plans are in the works to restore and upgrade the building. In today’s Daily Journal of Commerce, this article mentions plans to restore the building, maintaining much of its historic character in the process. It will be interesting to see the design options currently being developed. It is also good to know that many of the building’s historic details have been salvaged and await re-use in the restoration effort.

If you haven’t seen it before, here is a link to the Historic Building Assessment for Marysville School, completed just months before the fire.

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Preservation and Sustainability: Could the Concept of Using What We Have Be Gaining Traction?

This Oregonian editorial draws attention once again to the connections between sustainability and historic preservation: “Use what we have”. In recent months Metro has begun talking about this concept, albeit more broadly. Last September, Metro COO Michael Jordan announced his Strategies for a Sustainable and Prosperous Region. We can only hope that these actions lead to positive results in the preservation of our communities and traditional neighborhoods.


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U.S. Custom House to be Auctioned!

Another deal to revamp the wonderful U.S. Custom House building has fallen through. The Portland International School was set to take over the building but withdrew their application last week for budgetary reasons. More information on this can be found in this Daily Journal of Commerce story. Another story, from the Portland Tribune, can be found here.

US Custom House c. 1905 City of Portland Archives photo

This monumental building is in great condition – even the 100+ year-old windows still function as they should. Let’s hope someone acquires it and restores it to it’s former glory.


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Reuse It!

The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Washington High School - Portland, Oregon

wants y0u to share your photos of buildings you wish would be  rehabilitated and re-used. Click here, for more information.

Remember, the greenest building is the one that’s already built!

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