Historic Preservationists to Attend Upcoming City Council Meeting

At the Wednesday, March 7th, 9:30AM meeting of the Portland City Council, historic preservationists from around the city are planning to gather in support of reforms to the historic design review process and fee structure. This comes in the wake of recent concerns raised in the Buckman neighborhood (and elsewhere) over the exorbitant fees for even minor exterior changes to a building in a designated historic district.  Preservationists are encouraged to show up and show City Council that these places matter – even if you don’t wish to testify.

There’s more information at this Facebook event site.



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2 responses to “Historic Preservationists to Attend Upcoming City Council Meeting

  1. preservation = appropriation

    Besides the fee structure, what other reforms are being advocated by the historic preservation community?

  2. There is also interest in streamlining the review process – as is what sorts of things can be approved by City staff and what things must go before the Landmarks Commission. In theory, that could lower the City’s costs making the thought of lowering their fees more palatable.

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