Memorial Coliseum in the Headlines Again

Memorial Coliseum c.1961

Once again the Memorial Coliseum is getting headlines. This time, in an interview with the Vancouver Columbian, Commissioner Leonard re-asserted his desire to demolish the mid-century icon. Apparently its status in the National Register of Historic Places doesn’t matter.  Of course such status will mean that any attempts at demolition will lead to quite a battle involving not only local preservationists, but those from the state and national level as well.

Current conditions aside, to demolish this building would mean a tremendous waste of embodied energy. Maybe this is a good time to remind folks that studies have shown how historic preservation is an economic driver and job creator.

You can read the National Register nomination here. You can also read more about this at the Portland Architecture blog.

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One response to “Memorial Coliseum in the Headlines Again

  1. Fred Leeson

    For once, Sam Adams and the city seem to be blundering in the right direction. The Coliseum must be preserved (and improved) as an event venue. With even a modicum of creativity, one can think of many interesting and viable users. Alas, the Blazers, who are in charge of management, either aren’t willing to make the effort or lack the imagination. My guess is that they don’t WANT the M-C to succeed next door to their own building. So part of the city’s long-term plan needs to be a new management strategy.

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