Irvington Moving Forward with Historic District Nomination

The nomination of the Irvington Historic District is moving closer to submission to the National Register of Historic Places. According to Fred Leeson’s article in today’s Oregonian, only a few changes are expected in the nomination, including minor boundary revisions and additional historic context. The proposed historic district includes approximately 2,800 buildings, mainly homes constructed in the first half of the twentieth century. Irvington is recognized as an early suburban neighborhood, built along streetcar routes. The neighborhood’s original design is attributed to Elizabeth Irving, wife of a boat captain and owner of half the original donation land claim.

The Portland Historic Landmarks Commission has recommended that newer buildings along the northern stretches of NE Broadway be omitted from the district. The commission also suggested the National Register nomination include historic plat maps and the addition of information pertaining the streetcars that once serviced Irvington.

The boundaries of the proposed historic district lie between NE Broadway and Fremont Streets and 7th and 27th Avenues. It is possible that the district will be placed on the National Register before 2011.


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  1. Deena Raphael

    Are you aware of Clearwire’s proposal to replace an existing utility pole with an installation of multiple WiMax antennas onto a 91-foot tower on Stanton St. between NE 23rd and 24th? It is certainly not compatible with the historic nature of the neighborhood. Would this installation endanger Irvington’s application for historic designation? Do you know the process for a carrier wanting to put a cell antenna on a historic building or in a historic district?

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