Something afoot at the Sinnott House

The owner of the wonderful Sinnott House at 105 NW 3rd has recently requested to “remove and store for re-installation” the building’s decorative wood and metal cornice. If this link is any indication, it may be that the circa 1883 cast-iron building is about to undergo a much larger rehab. We certainly hope that is the case and that the Sinnott will be returned to it’s former glory. Here is a link to the notice about the cornice removal.

Mid-1960s photograph of the Sinnott House prior to a fire that destroyed much of the Simon Building next door. From the Bosco-Milligan Foundation's George McMath slide collection.



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2 responses to “Something afoot at the Sinnott House

  1. Robert Jordan

    Pretty sure this is a Naito property. The fact that the cornice is being stored rather than dumped would indicate that restoration is underway – the condition of the cornice is quite bad, at least as it appears from the street, and removing it could also be a safety issue. I note that the Simon Building and the rest of this block to the north have been in dispute over plans to allow an inappropriately tall building to be put there (part of the Old Town plan discussions last year). I wonder what the status of that is.

  2. Robert Jordan

    Oh, and I like the plan to do something better with the Simon building space than just to use it as surface parking. I hope this is a real effort that comes to fruition – I can see it winning a preservation award or two.

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