U.S. Custom House to be Auctioned!

Another deal to revamp the wonderful U.S. Custom House building has fallen through. The Portland International School was set to take over the building but withdrew their application last week for budgetary reasons. More information on this can be found in this Daily Journal of Commerce story. Another story, from the Portland Tribune, can be found here.

US Custom House c. 1905 City of Portland Archives photo

This monumental building is in great condition – even the 100+ year-old windows still function as they should. Let’s hope someone acquires it and restores it to it’s former glory.


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4 responses to “U.S. Custom House to be Auctioned!

  1. How much will the seismic stuff cost? Why didn’t the school go in? Looks great

  2. Fred Leeson

    The International School’s site suggests they did a high-quality evaluation…and concluded they’d need in the range of $20 million to make it useable for their purposes. That is a staggering number, indeed. I fear that might scare off potential bidders.

  3. Crud. Can’t give up now, though, not on something like this. 78,000 square feet is pretty darn big and ideally located near the train station (well only ideal if there were many many more trains to San Fran, Seattle and Vancouver), there must be some type of high profile use out there for the place. Just put on our thinking caps: law school? a new international institute for pollution remediation studies? How many billionaires do we know that live in the Portland metro…

  4. jon

    i think this building screams to be a hotel given its design and location. plus a hotel would have a lobby open to the public (vs. a school) so everyone could admire the architecture inside.

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